Our Mission

Face Me Por Favor s a free artistic platform for anyone who wants to share their voice, experiences, and memories to the rest of their city through individualized street art portraits that we create.

Our goal is to celebrate and promote the stories and people that make up each city that we are traveling in.

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Our Impact

Each city we have been to, the interest in our project only grow. People start timidly sending their photos and stories to us not expecting that much out of it, and then are completely wowed by the amount of dedication and work that we put into the portrait for the streets. We believe that each person has something to contribute for the rest of the city as a collective to learn and grow from in a positive way, and people can really feel message through our artwork.



We create free murals that capture the unique neighborhoods, and people throughout the world. Our artwork is designed with cross-generational, cross-racial community input and unite around common themes of solidarity, celebration, and local pride. FMPF goal is to create fun, educational, and inspirational public artwork that can be explored both in individual communities and on our social media campaign.

Public Engagement

We believe that good public art is supposed to be able to connect to the local pride, achieve visual improvements to the area, as well to be able to get visitors interested in the locations. Our project is about bridging connections within the various locations and areas of different cities and uniting them around a common theme: the human experience.