I think this is a great way to showcase the members of our community!
— Alice
Your murals reinforce my feeling about my neighborhood. It adds an element of color and hopeful and uplifting messages about the viability if our neighborhood and Muncie in general. You also did a great job painting my wife.
— Heather Williams

Our Impact

Since the very first stories we shared on 2017, our oroject was embraced by people with very open arms, they shared their largest challenges with us, or their proudest moments. Not only did we realize the project can be a sort of therapeutic experience for participants but it also allows people passing by to realize that they are not alone in their struggles fears, pride, and ways of seeing the world. Residents of each city are coming together, and actually talking to and meeting people that were once strangers to them. It has been nothing but great experiences that we have had with FaceMePorFavor, and the opportunities to celebrate and come together are only growing.

Face Me Por Favor - Valeria.jpg