Our Belief and Approach

We believe that by understanding and being committed to each resident's story or voice, we can create a bridge between individuals throughout the city, and strengthen communities by everyone getting to know each others view or experiences in life. Each person has something to contribute for the rest of the city as a collective to learn and grow from in a positive way.

We ask for a photo of them and we send them a questionnaire that allows us to know them better. In that questionnaire, we ask, for example, what they are proud of, what difficult situations they went through and how they overcame them, what dreams they have, how their identity was formed. All these questions help us to build the portraits with the indicated character of each person. In this way we believe that the voice of the community is externalized, showing its cultural differences.

We are inspired by diversity and the ability to transmit messages that can help us live better together. We believe that by knowing and empathizing with the history of the other, we can contribute to reduce the prejudices between us.


Community Strength

Residents benefit from the project by getting free murals, becoming involved in a larger global street art project, and more importantly becoming an actual piece of the public art that will represent their voice and portrait for the rest of the city to appreciate.